Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Our Troops Report Progress in Iraq

January 25, 2006—Returning soldiers and Marines report progress in Iraq in a variety of ways. Lt. Colonel Oscar Hall told the Army Times that he saw the number of improvised explosive device attack decline from 14 per day to two during his tour. Meanwhile Scott Wilson, a journalist with the Chico Enterprise Record, returned from his National Guard assignment Iraq to report the progress in light of the war’s reality. Moreover, he tells us about the media bias and narrow reporting he witnessed—something that I’ve been telling the world since my return.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Osama's Truce

Yesterday Osama Bin Laden offered the United States a truce. Imagine that? Yet in the same video-taped speech he promise more attacks on the United States. Osama is in hiding. Al Qaeda is in retreat. The United States had dealt al Qaeda a damaging blow and in constant pursuit. Bin Laden escapes only because he is a snake, and like a snake he can never change. A truce with al Qaeda will of course never happen. Nonetheless, Bin Laden desperately hopes to buy time--time to slip away because we are closing in--time to rebuild al Qaeda. We did not kill his second in command last week, but we did in fact kill has chemical weapons specialist. Go USA!
Patriot-at-Large, USMC, Fallujah, Iraq Veteran.